It has been over a year since I turned 30 and since I started writing my blog. In this year, true to the title, I have learned volumes; about myself, about the world around me, and about my place in it. I was distraught at the thought of losing control over my life and to watch myself getting steered into a direction that was as far from my intended path as could be.

But as I embark on this leg of my journey, I am a new person. I have learned to stop offering resistance to life and let it take me wherever it wants to. So far, although there has been much loss, I have still somehow gained more- everything lesser but better. I have also learned that in order to give up control one must have faith, not necessarily in a higher being, but in oneself. Faith that tells you that no matter what tomorrow brings, you have the strength to embrace it and make the most of it. And faith that pushes you to be a better version of yourself each day than the day before.

In its new avatar, this blog is all about strength- of mind, body and of character. My transformation started when I discovered the power of meditation. Strength comes from inside, and a strong mind is the foundation for everything else. With a strong mind, I want to transform my exterior, to see what is the best I can be if I apply myself to it. And lastly, to have a strong character; to never compromise on or feel ashamed for what I believe in. No doubts exist in a strong mind.

To those who have supported me all this while I offer my most sincere gratitude and hope to have them by my side yet again. And to those who are now going to join me on this journey of self discovery and transformation, I say, “Welcome!“.



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