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In this part of Conquer with Me series, let’s cover the basics of a pull up.

If you’ve never done a pull up before, chances are you might find it challenging to get to your first. But do not despair! That’s what Conquer with Me is all about. Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; we’re going to teach ourselves and we will master these new tricks too 💪🏼 A little patience, perseverance and right techniques will get us to our goals.

So a pull up might be difficult but here’s a look at some basic exercises that will help us build up the strength required to get there. Lat pull downs are a great back exercise but they don’t prepare your muscles the same way for a pull up as do these movements that make you work against gravity using your own body weight.

Hope you will give these exercises a try and if you find them useful I’d love to hear about it, or your own strategies that helped you master this excellent but super challenging exercise! At 30 and Learning, I’m always looking for great advice and suggestions 🙂

Stay fit!