Anniversaries are special times. Not because they give us a reason to celebrate but because they make us think what it is that we are celebrating. They allow us to pause for a moment and look back at the road we have traveled to get to the milestone where we stand, and look ahead at the path yet to be traveled. And it is this journey, not the milestone, that we must celebrate. We will reach a new milestone with each passing year, and each new milestone will look much the same as all of the previous ones, but the road traversed will be remarkably different; the scenery along the way, the roadblocks that we overcame, and the people who walked a part of or the entire path with us will be different.

As I stand here today, looking at already few days into its second year, I celebrate every joy, every sorrow, every success, every failure, and every person who has helped grow and nurture it. I haven’t written in this one year, something that I intend to change going forward, and I haven’t created as much content as I would have liked to, but that does not mean that I didn’t work on myself behind the scenes. I have gone through some life-changing events, I have lost a lot of what I held dear, and I have come full circle to the place where I took my very first breath. Call me a romantic, but I see a reason behind this, like I am exactly where I am meant to be, and I feel fearless to go down the road ahead of me even though I can see nothing. It’s as if I have been reborn, and just like a child I am full of faith and wonder.

There are things I would like to share in the coming days but for now all I would say is that I feel like I may have finally found myself!

Much love,