There was a beautiful butterfly on the ground. Someone was busy taking pictures. I went up to it and realized it had broken wings and couldn’t fly. I held out my hand, and reluctantly it climbed onto my finger. I left it in the corner of a nearby flowerbed, hoping it won’t get trampled on.

Beautiful creature but it’s only when you look closely you see that it’s broken.


Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” – Roald Dahl

There is a brilliantly blue bird in my neighborhood. It’s not easy to spot. It shows up in the park on certain mornings. Coincidentally, it always shows up on the days when my spirit needs a little lift, and seeing it lights up my day because it is just so beautiful! It reminds me that nature is wonderful and there is so much beauty, so much magic all around. Then out of nowhere, a second blue bird showed up two weeks ago and I saw the pair every single morning and evening. My days were filled with magic. I felt surrounded by boundless love.

But for the last two days, both birds are missing. I haven’t seen even one of them. I hope the magic returns soon.


You call it madness but I call it love.” – Nat King Cole

The Friend-zoned: “I think we should date.

The Grieving: “I’m in a relationship.

The Friend-zoned: “Oh! Have I met him?

The Grieving: “No, he doesn’t stay here.”

The Friend-zoned: “Long distance relationships don’t usually work. Give me a chance.

The Grieving: “But there’s this thing called ‘loyalty’ that I take a little too seriously (laughs). I must see this one through.

The Friend-zoned: “Well, I’ll be here.”

The Grieving: laughs and puts on her sunglasses… to hide the tears that are trying to escape from the corner of her eyes. There is no relationship; the loyalty is not to a person but to his memories. The world cannot understand so she lies. Time will fix everything but now is not that time.