I have been trying to write this post for over a week now but my routine these days is so jam packed with activities, I rarely have time to sit down with my thoughts, or sit down at all. I have, however, been ruminating whenever I can, while walking or doing chores, so that whenever I finally find time to put pen to paper, figuratively, it’s relatively quick to regurgitate all the thoughts. (Oh well, that’s what I thought when I sat down to write. Two days later, I’m still working on this draft!)

Besides all things metaphysical, conversation is the single most important thing to me in a relationship. If I cannot enjoy talking to someone, there is no way I can sustain the relationship, even one as simple as friendship. I love to talk, and I love a good conversation. It’s like good food; it feeds and satisfies the soul. And although I can more or less talk to anyone, there are only a handful of people I truly enjoy talking to. Going back to the exception I made earlier about all things metaphysical, I don’t quite see the two as being unrelated. I think the people we enjoy talking to the most are also the people we share soul connections with. But yes, I hang a lot more on the spiritual than just a good conversation when it comes to relationships, so let’s not go there!

I love talking to my family. Sometimes people love their families but not necessarily like them. I am blessed that I share a special bond with every person in my family, and I can spend several hours talking to them. My family, as a matter of fact, doubles up as my most cherished circle of friends. As long as I have my family around, I don’t really need anyone else. Some people find it hard to believe that I lived with my parents for one whole year as an adult and had an amazing time doing so. But that’s just how we are. So stepping out in the world can be additionally challenging when you are used to being surrounded by deep soul connections. My sister and I are more spiritually inclined than most so we find it especially difficult to find people we instantly connect with, or people whose level of spiritual awareness resonates with our own.

Most young adults, others too, are wholly driven by ambition. My sister and I, however, are driven by love. It’s not like we were always this way but with time and experience we’ve realized where our true happiness lies – being close to those we love – and we are constantly seeking ways to fulfill that dream. We don’t always come across people who share this view so when my sister recently met someone like that she was excited just from having had a meaningful conversation in a very long time. That made me stop and think about how often do I get to engage in conversations that hold deeper meaning. The answer was a rather dismal ‘not too often’ but soon after I met couple of people, at different times but in quick succession, who I thoroughly enjoyed talking to.

First was a young girl who is just beginning her spiritual journey. I don’t think we share a soul connection but I think I was put in her path so she could talk freely about everything she has been experiencing and perhaps take something from story. The more we talked, the more I could relate to her and her journey. She was successful, then lost it all and slipped into depression, and finally emerged out of it stronger. Now she is curious to know more about meditation and spirituality, about bringing balance to her energies and consequently, her life, and finally be more loving and accepting of herself. We talked for a long time and I gave her everything I could offer based on my own journey. I am sure one day she’ll start seeking her purpose in life and after a period of internal chaos, which is almost entirely inevitable, will find her place of happiness in this world.

The other conversation I had was with a young man, about my age, who left a high-tech job in India’s “Silicon Valley” to come back home to pursue his dreams. He runs an eclectic cafe that’s also a performing arts space for budding talent. And he is the founder of an educational center for young kids to teach them math, science and technology through use of practical and interactive games, models and sandboxes instead of mundane textbooks and lectures. I could see the excitement in his eyes as he talked about the children and their tremendous potential when given a conducive environment to nurture it. I don’t think I share a soul connection with him either but just as I was put in the path of the young girl above, this man was put in my path to reinforce my faith in what I’m doing and the road I want to travel.

Although conversations like these are occasional, I feel that I am constantly communicating with the Universe and these ‘conversations’, if you will, feed my soul. In my last post I mentioned about my “magical” blue bird. The next morning after writing that post I was back in the park, walking the dog, looking around for my birdie. But it was nowhere to be seen. I was walking out of the park when something made me turn around and look above, beyond the trees in the park, to the tops of the buildings in the back, and lo and behold! Perched on top of a building was my blue bird, looking straight in my direction. It was as if the bird was trying to tell me that it’s still around, and although I may not be able to see it, it is looking out for me. I would rather be a fool and believe in magic than be rational and miss out on such moments of joy. I felt like the Universe wanted to remind me that all its magic is always around, but sometimes it’s not in the places we are looking. The next day the pair was back and I knew that regardless of whether I see my birds or not, they are always around, my magic is always around.