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I can write volumes about the importance of a healthy digestive system. But suffice to say that a host of health problems start with the guy so it is really crucial we strive to maintain its health and heed the smallest sign we see.

I’ve having episodes of major sugar cravings, like eating dessert for meals kind of cravings. So I’ve decided to completely take out refined sugar from my diet and restore a healthy gut microbiome and hormonal balance.

I’ve never been opposed to eating a little dessert everyday, in fact, I’ve always done that myself, but I’ve never craved sugar this way before. So sorry ya scrumptious looking piece of cake over there, I know you’re looking at me and as much as I want you, I’m gonna have to say no! It’s not you, it’s me… actually, it’s the sugar 😤

Anyone care to join!?

Watch the video to see my ground rules, and a before photo!

From 30 and Learning Vlog

A quick look at my 8-week carb cycle experiment- things didn’t go as planned but at least I tried! So now I have started a new experiment- keto diet!

I’ll get into the details of why carb cycling stopped working for me, and whether keto diet helped me get to my target fat loss in a separate video. In this part, I had something more important to touch upon.

I’ve started a new series called “In Conversation with my Gym Buddies”. I will try to stagger uploads for this series and my regular videos as this series is mainly in Hindi! Since these are questions from people I know from my gym, I want to keep the discussions more personable 🙂

For those who enjoy a Hindi chit-chat, today we talk about fitness basics and weight loss.

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Stay healthy!

From 30 and Learning Vlog

From 30 and Learning Vlog

From 30 and Learning Vlog


From 30 and Learning Vlog

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