Relationships are funny business really…

Some relationships have significant labels and yet they mean nothing, and some have no name but they mean everything. I was in a no-name relationship recently, and it is the most beautiful thing I’ve experienced in a long time. We did not have time on our side or we might have given it a name. I might have told friends about it, I might have introduced him to my family – yes, it had the potential. But all of this is pointless because he is no longer in this world. I’ll never see him again, or feel his presence. I’ll never hear his voice or share a comfortable silence with him. He is gone, and yet he is always here.

One might imagine me being sad as I write this but I’m not. I’m actually at peace. I know he loved me, just as much if not more. And he still loves me wherever in this universe he is. I didn’t know that the last time I spoke to him would end up being our very last conversation or I would’ve told him how much I love him but I’m sure he knows that too. I suppose you can say that life was slightly unfair to us, but when has life been fair to anyone! I am simply thankful for what we had. And just because he’s gone doesn’t mean this relationship without a name is over for me. I never told anyone I was in a relationship before but now if someone asks, I simply say that I’m in a long distance relationship. I suppose I’m just trying to preserve his memory for as long as I can. The distance between us is something that no trains, planes or automobiles can cover but how does it matter? Distance is distance – I love him and he’s not here. No one needs to know that he’s gone forever. Sure, in time I’ll move on, find someone else to love but that wouldn’t change the fact that I loved him once upon a time, and if not for this distance, would’ve continued to love him for the rest of my life.

So that was the story of my relationship without a name. We never gave it a label and yet we loved as truly as two people possibly can.

Picture credit: Dearly departed